Countries involved and partner organisations

Six organisations from Austria, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Portugal are involved in the partnership. The Portuguese research institute CESIS is the leading partner
The following organisations and individuals are taking part:

Portugal - CESIS -Centre for Studies for Social Intervention, Lisbon

Isabel Baptista
Alexandra Silva
Paula Carrilho
CESIS is a non-profit independent organisation of researchers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds concerned to promote evidence-based, policy-relevant research at both national and European level. Amongst the main areas of research is violence against women.

Austria - IKF (Institute of Conflict Research), Vienna

Birgitt Haller
Helga Amesberger
The Institute of Conflict Research (Institut für Konfliktforschung - IKF) is a non-university research institute with the legal status of a non-profit association. Its purpose is to conduct research into political and social conflicts and to generate possible solutions for political decision-making.

Germany - German Police University (DHPol), Muenster

Thomas Goergen
Sabine Nowak
German Police University (DHPol) is a university especially for all senior officers of the German police forces. Its main activities in the fields of education and training for senior police officers and of research are focused on violence, crime, security and police work.

Germany - Zoom - Society for Prospective Developments e.V., Goettingen

Barbara Nägele
Sandra Kotlenga
Zoom - Society for Prospective Developments (Gesellschaft für prospektive Entwicklungen e.V.) is a not for profit organisation which promotes equal opportunities and participation in society. Zoom conducts scientific research, develops innovative projects and concepts for the transfer of knowledge practice-science.

Ireland - SAFE-Ireland, Dublin

Caitriona Gleeson
Caroline Counihan
Sharon O'Halloran
SAFE Ireland is a leading national organisation of frontline domestic violence support services. The work focuses on centre-staging women and children having a leading role in research on DV impacts.

The Netherlands - Verwey Jonker Instituut, Utrecht

Katinka Lunnemann
Lisanne Drost
Verwey-Jonker Instituut is a national, independent institute for applied research into social issues. The Institute has a longstanding reputation in regards to policy-strategic and evaluative research. Main areas of research are social welfare, governance strategies, citizenship, gender and social inclusion, youth and domestic violence.