Project's activities

All countries developed national analyses on the criminal justice response and on victims' experiences and perceptions of the way the justice system is responding to their protection needs. A special focus was put on risk assessment procedures, victims' protection mechanisms and referral procedures.

Research methods included:

Both national and European reports were produced throughout the different stages of the project. These reports include: The project also produced a common criminal justice toolkit based on a human rights approach to domestic violence. In each country specific toolkits were developed which.

National advisory committees composed by relevant key experts have been set up in the five countries, to provide feedback, advice and assistance as requested at each stage of the project. Committee members were experts from the administration, government, police, judiciary and from organisations of victims' support agencies, especially domestic violence programs.

A conference was held in the final stage of the Project at the launch of the Project's outcomes, in order to share experiences and best practices between experts and relevant key experts and politicians. The project timeline was from February 2014 till March 2016.